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Chanel & Ben: A Day Block Walk Down Memory Lane

Rebekah Gregorich

Wedding Date: June 3, 2017

Honeymoon: Cozumel, Mexico

Chanel and Ben’s wedding was heavily steeped in the most flavorful moments and memories of their lives and relationship, as every great celebration of love should be. The tables, harvest-style to symbolize each’s upbringing of family-style meals, were labeled with significant dates and numbers to the couple. Ben wrote a song, “Best in White” to have played during the processional and recessional of the ceremony, to which Chanel walked down the aisle wearing her late grandmother’s necklace and bracelet wrapped around her bouquet. The reception was decorated with a theme of “travel”, as the couple spent much of their relationship long-distance. White florals and icy blue linen accompanied these decorations, embellished sweetly by dull golds. One of the most important moments of the evening, however, occurred when the pair headed to the rooftop for a long, loving look at the Minneapolis skyline, as they would be moving to Nashville shortly after. A heartfelt moment at dusk atop Day Block to toast where they have been but also where they are soon to go.