Bumble Fleur

Bumble Fleur thrives at crafting captivating floral experiences that bring whimsy, romance, joy, creativity, and unforgettable beauty to your wedding! We take immense pride in infusing every wedding with a unique blend of creativity, thoughtfulness, and excitement!

We create stunning wedding florals. Our wedding floral creations are visual stories that speak of love, passion, and individuality. We specialize in curating wedding florals that are as unique as your journey. We embrace sustainable floristry practices and source gorgeous, locally grown blooms whenever possible. With a fearless and bold approach to installation designs, we transform spaces into breathtaking floral wonderlands, ensuring your special day is a timeless memory!

We host floral design classes! Our studio in St. Paul isn't just a space; it's a haven of inspiration and memory making! Immerse yourself in flowers with our floral design classes. Our cozy and adorable studio provides the perfect backdrop for hosting an outing, whether you're throwing a bachelorette party or a wedding shower! With a sprinkle of bubbly, delectable snacks, and expert guidance, each class becomes a cherished memory as you create your own masterpiece. Picture taking and selfie moments are encouraged to capture the memories and take home more than just an arrangement – take home amazing memories.

713 Minnehaha Avenue East
Ste. 203
Saint Paul, MN 55106
United States


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Contact Information for Bumble Fleur

713 Minnehaha Avenue East
Ste. 203
Saint Paul, MN 55106
United States


Meet the Wedding Pro

Brooke Hanson
Owner + Creative Design Lead

Hi! I'm Brooke, the heart and soul behind Bumble Fleur. For me, flowers are more than just pretty petals; they're what connects us to the world around us.

At Bumble Fleur, joy is at the core of everything. Bumble Fleur creates connections, moments, and memories that last a lifetime. Crafting remarkable floral designs isn't just a profession – it's a passion that fuels my creativity and ignites my spirits.

Every arrangement I create is a filled with thoughtfulness, intentionality, and heart. It's about curating not just pretty visuals, but experiences that resonate deeply. Seeing the happiness in my clients' eyes when they receive a Bumble Fleur creation is what drives me forward.

Bumble Fleur is not a "basic" floral design shop. It's artist's passion - making nature's finest into pieces of living artwork for one very special day. The thrill of imagining, designing, and bringing to life these beautiful compositions never fades. Each day, I am excited by the prospect of infusing creativity into every petal, stem, and bloom.

For me, flowers embody the essence of connection, emotion, and artistry. And through Bumble Fleur, I'm fortunate to translate this passion into every arrangement and share it with my clients.

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