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Ashery Lane Farm

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5480 Tacoma Ave
Mayer, MN 55360
United States

Spring rains announce the arrival of each new season. The sun warms the earth and the magnificent orchard & vineyard comes to life to produce a bountiful harvest. The excitement of each season is what inspired Ashery Lane Farm, a stone’s throw from the Twin Cities and just far enough away to be considered country. This is a place where hearts bloom and minds wander back to youthful days spent on family farms. And so, everything done at Ashery Lane Farm, from creating an inviting atmosphere, to sharing the bounty of the harvest, expresses the true elegance and unwavering beauty of this place. Ashery Lane Farm is a newly developed event center located along the East Fork of the Crow River in Hollywood Township, 20 minutes west of Lake Minnetonka.

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