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White Wedding at The Hutton House

Minimalist black and white wedding in Minnesota
Emma Franke - updated 8/19/19
bridesmaids with white bouquets

This ultra-elegant wedding stuck to a minimal color scheme with classy details that made the day unforgettable. Kelly and Matt stuck to black and white, with a touch of greenery for texture. The staircase at Hutton House was wrapped in balloons, and the fireplace got a greenery installation - both details added interest to an already beautiful venue. The bride's personality shone in her tortoiseshell glasses, and she was most at home with her hands in the pockets of her sleek white dress. The weather was unexpectedly chilly, so Kelly's parents made a Costco run for heaters and blankets. Guests enjoyed a pre-ceremony champagne pass, and the string quartet made the ceremony even more special. 

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