Pure and Simple: Minimalist Bridal Attire

Hackwith Design House Bridal makes minimalist designs for maximum effect.
From: Fall/Winter 2016 edition

Not into the frilly princess look or getting lost in layers of lace? We submit to you Hackwith Design House Bridal for your wedding gown consideration. Created by Minnesotan Lisa Hackwith and bearing a distinctly modern, minimalist sensibility, HDH Bridal is for the bride who values understated beauty.

“HDH Bridal was really born out of my inability to find the perfect dress, so I made my own,” says designer Lisa Hackwith. “I knew other women in Minnesota, many of whom have similar minimalist Scandinavian influences like myself, were likely having the same problem. We wanted the line to be about more than just the wedding day; it’s about dressing up in a way that still feels like you.”

With simple variations of long gowns, tea-length dresses, a caftan-inspired look and a jumpsuit, the collection provides much-needed options for brides with a more modern aesthetic. The 14-piece line is offered in white, cream and black, and clocks in at $190 to $2,200. Bonus: Everything is made with sustainable fabrics, in Hackwith’s St. Paul studio.

The line is being sold exclusively via Hackwith Design House, which means that lucky Minnesotans can make appointments directly with HDH Studio for personalized, complimentary advice on fabric, fit and styling.

“We want our customers to love getting ready for a wedding—whether their own or a friend’s—but we also know how hard it can be to find formal wear that fits your style,” says Hackwith. “We hope this line can help fill that gap.”