Haus of Style: Newcomer Modehaus Launches a Bold Bridal Gown Collection

From: Fall/Winter 2016 edition

Little did Chelsea Lovett know that her unsuccessful search for the perfect wedding dress would lead to a new career. After combing through boutiques and department stores and not finding what she wanted, she decided to take matters into her own hands—literally. She designed and sewed her own dress.

Knowing that other brides experienced the same frustration, Lovett launched a custom bridal gown business called Modehaus, working out of her guest bedroom and collaborating with brides to create original styles to reflect their personalities.

“I design for the sophisticated bride who isn’t afraid of the spotlight on her wedding day,” Lovett says.

Now, after three years working with individual brides on tailor-made gowns, Lovett is debuting Modehaus’ first full bridal collection. The line features bold, feminine silhouettes with splashes of color and full skirts.

“The inspiration for the Modehaus 2016 collection was seasonal changes,” Lovett says. “I love the beautiful effects that wind makes on land and water throughout autumn and into winter. It creates breathtaking ripples and variations of color. I paired this organic imagery with bold style lines, flared skirts and beading.”

The dresses range from $2,000 to $5,000 and are available directly from Modehaus. The best part? From start to finish, everything is made in St. Paul.