Design Star: Caroline Hayden's New Bridal Collection

Caroline Hayden is the not-so-new designer on everyone’s lips.
From: Fall/Winter 2016 edition

Fashion girls, rejoice. After a decade of designing custom evening and wedding gowns, Caroline Hayden is finally launching her first-ever bridal collection. The modern, feminine designs range from stretch velvet gowns to intricately embellished tulle ball skirts to high-waisted wide-leg pants.

“The group features design elements I’ve always been drawn to—high necklines, fabrics rich in texture and interesting silhouettes,” says Hayden. “It also takes aim at the market’s growing need for fashion-focused bridal options.”

This is good news for brides who want more out of their wedding gowns than just “pretty.” Hayden, who is based in Crookston, says that her bride is independent, has an appreciation for fine details, and wants her clothing to reflect her equal mix of femininity and modernity.

Perhaps the most noteworthy element is the range of separates. The cotton velvet tuxedo jacket and wide-leg pants are exactly what Annie Hall would wear on her wedding day, and the embellished tulle vest and cape make covering up look like the chicest thing going.

The 22-piece, made-in-the-USA collection is currently available at the White Room in downtown Minneapolis and ranges in price from $900 for a stretch turtleneck blouse to $8,000 for a ball skirt, with gowns averaging $4,700.

“It’s safe to say that I’ve waited a long time for this opportunity, and I’m so excited to finally share my creative point of view with the world,” Hayden says.