5 Reasons Why Hosting Your Wedding at a Sports Venue is a Win-Win

Celebrate your love for each other—and your home team—with a champion ceremony and reception.

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One of the best ways to showcase your hometown pride is by hosting your wedding at a sports stadium. Besides being the ultimate nod to your number one team, there are plenty of reasons why a sports venue is the perfect place to say "I do" to your biggest fan. We've round up five of our top reasons to prove you just can't lose when it comes to choosing a sports venue.

1. Inside Perspective

Feels both like a stadium, and a typical event venue. For avid fans, they’ll love the indoor-outdoor perspective that they may not get on a regular game day. All of our events are held in our exclusive, premium spaces that the general public may not normally see. For the non-sports fans, the premium spaces can be just as beautiful as a traditional events spaces while still maintaining the unique feel.

2. Non-Traditional Space

Unlike traditional reception spaces, athletic arenas and stadiums offer both distinctive event spaces and once-in- a-lifetime perks. Premium spaces often allow for different layout and setup options, along with the benefits of field or stadium views, access to behind-the-scenes spaces and fun photo opportunities.

3. Show Your Pride

What better way to show your guests where your passions lie? Whether at your alma mater’s football stadium, or your childhood favorite team’s home turf, sports venues allow you to include your passionate fandom on your big day.

4. Memorable

Both you and your guests will never forget your experience at a stadium. When you’re watching your favorite team compete on their home field, you’ll always remember getting your photos taken on that same field. Your guests will feel like VIPs with access to the premium spaces that sports stadiums have to offer.

5. Location

Many stadiums are centrally located in or near metropolitan areas. You’ll often have access to public transportation and plenty of hotel accommodation options when selecting a sports stadium as your venue.

Gopher Sports Spaces offers unique venues for your next event. TCF Bank Stadium, home of Gopher football, is located in the heart of the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus and features multiple club room spaces available for events and meetings throughout the year. It’s a monumental contribution to University of Minnesota heritage – as well as a living, breathing icon for the whole community to enjoy. The LEED certified stadium hosts a variety of events including meetings, banquets, wedding receptions, and conferences. Other amenities include audio/visual services, wireless internet access, preferred caterers with full-bar service and stadium tours.