5 Reasons to Host Your Wedding at a Full-Service Resort Venue

Turn your destination wedding from ordinary to extraordinary by taking advantage of the best resources your resort has to offer.
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Besides the obvious experience of a lifetime, if you're dreaming of a destination resort wedding, there may be more benefits than you initially thought. Below, we're sharing a few stand-out ways you can use your resort venue's accommodations to your wedding's advantage.

1. Variety of Resort Activities

If you've set all the pertinent details of the big day, why not plan a few other activities for your guests throughout the weekend? Talk to your resort about incorporating organized activities throughout your stay so guests will have designated ‘fun time’ to spend with family and friends. Guests of all ages can enjoy life-enriching activities that focus on spending time in nature, having fun, and creating a lifetime of memories.  Maybe it's golf, tennis, a full-service marina with boat rentals, guided fishing, horseback riding, shuffleboard, biking, yoga, spa services, or a happy hour art class! Whatever the activity line-up, your guests will appreciate some weekend entertainment.  Take it one step further and give your guests an entire activity agenda, complete with tournament sign-up sheets…who wouldn't want to take on Grandma Nan’s team at shuffleboard?


2. On-site Event Enhancements

Be sure to source your on-site planner and find out if there are any upgraded enhancements you can add to your function space. Larger resorts typically offer several beautiful and unforgettable venues for your destination wedding - both indoors and out. Check to see which rentals are available in their inventory and if they offer upgrades on things like linens, charger plates, cocktail rounds, arbors, indoor and outdoor chairs. Competitive prices and no delivery fees are just a couple benefits of renting on-site enhancements.

3. On-site Guest Conveniences

When you book a resort venue, your guests can almost lose their car keys until check-out day, because once they arrive, everything they need is right on property. Ask if your resort offers complimentary on-site shuttle services for guests. Let guests unpack, settle in, and enjoy the resort without needing a vehicle. Other details you might not think of, but your resort has: ice deliveries, gourmet snacks, unique gifts, or something as simple as a needle and thread, which, believe it or not, can thwart wedding day disasters.


4. Vacation – It’s All About the Food!

No vacation experience is complete without the taste of savory meals prepared to perfection.  You’ve focused on the wedding dinner, now let your resort assist in planning a casual or formal rehearsal dinner.  Larger resorts tend to offer several locations for dining, giving you and your guests a change of atmosphere at every meal. To offset the formal reception, host a casual welcome dinner for guests who traveled long distances; think beach BBQ and bonfire. And, don’t forget about the day after - a private Sunday brunch on departure day is a nice way to say goodbye to your guests, and offer them a bite to eat before they travel home.

5. Experienced & Accommodating Staff

When you have entrusted a full service resort to handle the details of your wedding day, you know their staff is invested in ensuring your event goes off without a hitch.  Success is in the details.  Creating a memorable, special event requires a dedication to the planning process.  It starts with selecting a venue that not only suits your needs, but one that will provide a unique, individual experience for each wedding guest.


These are just a few reasons that make a destination wedding at a resort like Grand View Lodge a convenient and wonderful experience. This year we celebrate our 100 year anniversary at our property. What a great place to start your history together, while celebrating ours.