Shauna & Travis

Aug. 26, 2011 at the Minnesota Boat Club in St. Paul

When Shauna Farmer met Travis Brick at a mutual friend’s wedding, she was wearing her favorite pair of cherry-red high-heel pumps—so during the initial weeks that the two started dating, Travis’ friends referred to Shauna as “the girl in the red shoes.” Fast-forward to the couple’s wedding day: Though the shoes were a bit scuffed, Shauna knew she had to wear them as she walked down the aisle. The rest of the wedding was a blend of the bride’s and groom’s personalities. Shauna’s love of haute couture and Travis’ outdoorsy, lake-loving character were equally represented at the Minnesota Boat Club, which offered rich mahogany interiors, seaworthy vessels and a stunning view of the metropolitan skyline. Over the course of the night, guests took breaks from dancing to enjoy the evening air on the patio, stealing back into the party to taste the famous apple pies that Shauna’s mother baked.

Gown and bridesmaids’ dresses
Lucia K
Dress flower & hairpiece
Whitney Waldron
Groom & groomsmen’s apparel
JF J.Ferrar
Bethany Hway from b*spoke studio
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