An Intimate Family Affair in St. Michael, Minnesota

A Romantic Twinkle Lit Silhouette

When Megan Zweig says that the planning and preparing for her intimate wedding at groom Justin’s childhood home in St. Michael, MN was a “family affair”, she means it. From the décor to the flowers to the hand-designed family crest, virtually every aspect of this beautiful event involved several family members and close friends. I couldn’t help but marvel at these incredible details while clicking through the photos. The outdoor setting showcases how truly lovely Minnesota can be, which we forget sometimes when we’re covered in eight feet of snow. The twinkle lights covering the bases of dozens of trees are oh-so-romantic. You can feel the love and warmth generated by so many people who helped create this one of a kind wedding, and all in four months! 

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From Bride Megan Zweig:

Justin and I were together for 6 years before he popped the question on New Years Eve 2011 during a beautiful, snowy evening in Rice Park surrounded by the gorgeous holiday lights! When we began discussing the details of our big day, we considered everything from getting married on a mountain top in Vancouver to a Chateau in the French country side, but after much deliberation (over a year) we landed on home, literally, Justin's childhood home. Ten acres of trees, rolling hills, and open grassland in St. Michael, Minnesota. A place that encompasses our history, our present lives and our future! Home is where the heart is, and that is truly the case for us.

Our big focus for the wedding was simple; we wanted it to be comfortable and welcoming for our guests, and we wanted it to feel like us, both as individuals and as a couple. Our color palette was sophisticated with mostly black, white and silver with a little pop of pink for some fun! For us, everything is in the details, so every tiny aspect was planned out for very specific reasons. Justin designed our own personal crest, which we used throughout the wedding on large signs, coasters, and napkins. We plan to use this family crest for years to come! Everything, and I mean everything, about our wedding was done in four months! Our families and close-knit group of friends made everything come together perfectly. The day was an absolute dream come true! We couldn't have asked for a better celebration to mark the next chapter of our lives together.

Groom's Parents' Home
Jamison Zweig
Wedding Coordination
Nancy Zweig, Jamison Zweig, Nancy Daly
Nancy Zweig and Candlelight Floral
Sarah Jeddeloh, Anna Alvarez
Art Direction
Justin Zweig, Jamison Zweig, Nancy Zweig
Roadhouse Coffee Shop