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Emily & Erik: A Sunny Wedding in Saint Anthony Main


Emily and Erik's wedding at the Saint Anthony Main Event Centre is full of charming details and happy energy. The sunny yellow accents in the floral designs and the bridal party attire helped to offset the rainclouds that scattered the Minneapolis sky. 

I especially love the various representations of the letter e, the couple's shared first initial. Another noteworthy detail? The bride's stunning beaded sash on gray silk ribbon. Donning sunglasses with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, this couple is all fun. Their wedding day is a bright, love-filled affair.

From the Photographer:

Emily and Erik's wedding started with rain, continued with rain, and ended with rain. I'm not sure they even noticed. They were out to celebrate each other in the city that they love and call home. Prior to the ceremony, the bridal party had to duck under the eaves of an abandoned mill for photos while it poured, and the rain only let up for 5 minutes for Emily and Erik to sneak in a walk by the river. They both put so much care into making sure they were able to give each of their loved ones attention that the day progressed as if there had been more sunshine than ever. The lovely details of the wedding accented Emily and Erik's easy-going soothing personalities.

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