Emily & Colin: Rustic Homespun Wedding

From: Spring/Summer 2015 edition

Emily Kircher likes to say that she “found love in a hopeless place” with Colin McDonagh—at a St. Paul bar while those same Rihanna lyrics played. The couple decided on their perfect wedding location while they were visiting Emily’s parents’ house. “We were all sitting on the deck watching one of the unbelievable sunsets they are blessed with at their home,” Emily says. And it dawned on them. “We wanted to really make the wedding day our own, and I couldn’t think of a more beautiful venue than right at home.” They were after a rustic, laid-back feel that fit their personalities, and thanks to plenty of personal details, they got exactly what they wanted. “Without our families and all their help, I don’t know how it would have all come together,” Emily says. “There wasn’t anything more I could have hoped for on our wedding day.”


Ceremony and reception
Private Residence
Bridesmaid Dresses
Groom's attire
JF J. Ferrar from JCPenney
Groomsmen attire
Ceremony entry doors
Bride's family
Pear Tree Greetings and the Knot Shop
A Guy Named Mike DJ Services