David & David: Sweet At-home I Dos

From: Fall/Winter 2016 edition

Wedding: August 8, 2015 Photographer: Justine Ungaro Studio Ceremony & reception: Private residence, Eden Prairie Honeymoon: Mini-moon in Napa Valley, honeymoon in Hawaii

For David Sommer and David Mesarch, a wedding in their Eden Prairie backyard was a joyful celebration of their shared passions and interests. Wine connoisseurs who make regular trips to Napa Valley, the two found unique ways to incorporate their love of wine throughout the event, including in the color palette of their wedding party’s attire, cork cufflinks and the sharing of a blended glass of two wines from their favorite winery as their unity moment. Catering was kept deliciously simple, with food trucks parked in their driveway, including a cupcake truck and a gelato bike. A home wedding for D2, as they’re sometimes called, wouldn’t be complete without Diohgé and Devo, their beloved border collies (with whom they are collectively known as—you guessed it—D4). The pooches brought the rings (tied onto their collars) down the aisle on command, then ran off to play once their wedding duties were complete.

Wedding party hair & makeup (women)
Wedding party grooming (men)
Dogs’ ties
Tommy Hilfiger remade by theRUFFtypup, Etsy
Little G’s Mobile Pizzeria, Home Street Home, Geno’s Gelato
Cupcake topper
Vanessa Kimball
Day-of wedding planner