A Blossom-Inspired Big Day at Kellerman's

Nothing says summer elegance better than bouquets full of poppies and stunning greenery. Barret and Emily's wedding had both in spades. From the gorgeous bridal bouquet to the illustrated florals on the programs, this wedding was bursting at the seams with exquisite details and refined vintage feels. After exchanging vows in a stately church built in 1938, complete with stained glass windows, the couple celebrated among friends and family at Kellerman's ornate reception venue. The guests dined and danced under strung lights that emulated the theme of a garden party. Barret and Emily created a grand jubilee that was full to the brim of personalized details and stylish decor.


From the photographer:

"Barret and Emily's wedding day was absolutely beautiful. The flowers were both delicate and wild, the venues were tasteful and comfortable, and the decor was on point. The thing that stood out the most about the day, though, was the joy. There were a couple times I tried to get a serious photo of Barret + Emily. I'd ask them to hold a straight face, and they'd just burst into giggles and kisses and it was absolutely perfect! Not only did Barret and Emily have a hard time containing their smiles, but their bridal party and guests were just giddy. It was easy for anyone to tell that this was a group of people that was over the moon to celebrate together, and ready to dance long into the night to prove it. The way friends surrounded this couple, the kindness and joy their families showed each other, and the brave step Barret + Emily took into the world together- those were the highlights of the day. And the exquisite decorations and venues were icing on the cake!"

From the groom:

"Everything was obviously amazing, but one thing that will always stand out to me is the first look. It was so crazy! Standing there and waiting to see the woman I’m about to marry, trying to play it cool even though I’m imagining 400 different dresses and what her hair might look like. Then I see her and just lose it. Sure the photographer and videographer were there, but it was the most intimate part of the preparation and ceremony for me. It was the two of us, seeing each other as husband and wife for the first time."

From the bride:

"My husband & I met working at a camp in northern Minnesota. We laugh about that because it seems we fell in love at our most bug-bitten, tie-dyed, & exhausted state. Yet, seeing each other working with children, going on walks by the lake, & talking under the stars sparked it all. We began to fall in love & did long distance from Minnesota to Wisconsin for three years as we finished up our college degrees. We cherished the weekend visits & our sweet summers together. He proposed to me at one of my favorite trails at sunset – that day was filled with such love, giddiness, & gratitude. I’ll never forget it!

We knew we wanted a big wedding – filled with everyone we love. We chose to do a vintage garden theme for our day since that encompasses some of our (okay, more of my) favorite things – antique finds & flowers! With the help of some treasured friends & family our day came together perfectly – we couldn’t have done it without them! It was all so perfect & joyful, just as we had imagined!

I loved every part of our day! It all felt like such a celebration! We felt surrounded by love & joy. One of my favorite parts was seeing my husband’s face & tears as I walked down the aisle. It was such a meaningful moment – filled with so much emotion! I will never forget the pure love and happiness on our day – truly the best day ever!"

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