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Organic Details Bring Your Wedding to the Next Level

A natural styled shoot uses pears, walnuts and florals to elevate the space at The Blaisdell.
Emma Franke
Lush greens set against a stark white space at The Blaisdell in Minneapolis.

Reminiscent of peak autumn in the Midwest, this shoot was inspired by an October day in Minnesota, says planner Tajalli Missaghi of The Petal. "Rich evergreen velvet linens with walnut accents were the perfect balance of luxe and organic," says Missaghi. Other natural elements cropped up in the details, like pear and golden honey accents. Candlelight and a cozy fireplace brought warmth to the space. For a breath of contemporary sensibilities, the team opted for clean lines and a variety of textures. The details are what really stand out in this vignette - walnuts at the place settings, flowing chiffon ribbon and tapers dancing with light make for endless memorable moments.

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