Welcome Your Guests to Minneapolis With a Skyline Invite

If there's one thing I know about Minnesotans, it's that we are proud of our state. We love the Twin Cities, the 10,000 plus lakes, Up North, and everywhere in between. One of the best representations of our state is the Minneapolis skyline. Easily recognizable thanks to the IDS Building, Wells Fargo Center, and Towers Campbell Mithun and Capella, our skyline is beautiful and iconic. So why not incorperate it on your wedding invitations?

This is particularly fitting if your ceremony, reception, or both are taking place in the city itself, or if the city is especially meaningful to you and your soon-to-be spouse. It is also a wonderful way to welcome out-of-town guests attending from different parts of the country. Even if none of these scenarios apply to your wedding, the skyline is a classic representation of this great state that we love.

Several stationers on Etsy specialize in handcrafted skyline prints, and some of them offer St. Paul too! Here are some favorites:

From top: Pixie Chicago, Jam and Toast Weddings, SayLULLOWcreative, Stelie Designs