10 Wedding Invitation Trends for 2011

Fresh hues and standout styles will be the hallmark of invitations in the new year.

As the very first element of style your friends and family will see, the invitation is paramount when it comes to setting the stage for your wedding’s theme, color palette, vibe and tone. Gone are the days of stiff white card stock and pale silver lettering; brides are now using invitations to convey their personality and originality, and here’s the leading color and style trends for 2011 that will help you do just that.

Fresh Invitation Hues

  • Mineral Hues: Nature’s color palette is often used in decorating, and these fresh and natural colors will carry forward into the New Year. Watch for raw material tones, such as jade, copper, slate and gravel, to dominate invitation color palettes, both in printed pieces and in paper stock.
  • Lemon and Lime: As fresh as it gets, an invitation color palette that incorporates bright yellow and lime-green is for brides who want an element of fun in their wedding planning. Ideal for an outdoor summer wedding, yellows and greens are also easily carried over into place settings, décor and floral arrangements. 
  • Marine-Inspired Hues: This recurring color theme from 2010 is here to stay, due to its soothing appeal and gentle shades. From pale aquamarine to deep ocean blue, marine-inspired tones are multipurpose and can be used for both casual gatherings and elegant nuptials.
  • Lavender and Rose: Combined, a lavender and rose color palette delivers subtle elegance via pale tones that are soft and easy on the eyes. Watch for this palette to be popular in early spring.
  • All Things Purple: Considered the color of royalty, purple is one color that rarely goes out of style. Deep shades will be prominent in 2011, especially later in the year.    

Standout Invitation Styles

  • Chandeliers: Always signifying elegance, chandeliers will become the iconic symbol of 2011 and will be used throughout wedding invitation designs to covey a variety of themes including eclectic, elegant, trendy and whimsical.
  • Vintage Circus: Inspired by circus posters, this theme is for the more whimsical bride who sees her special day as one of fun and merriment, and who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Bold fonts and antique circus caricatures illustrate this style.
  • Silhouettes: Dating back to the 18th century, silhouettes are making a comeback, and brides and grooms are relishing this form of portraiture that depicts a more personalized invitation style, while also using the always-popular color palette of black and white.
  • Flat Printing: Once the only means of creating a professional-looking invitation, engraving methods are stepping aside for flat printing, which is much more conducive to elaborate graphic designs, and much less expensive.
  • Monograms: Personal branding is a hot topic, and one that is flowing into weddings as well. Brides will be branding their special day through the use of monograms, and carrying out the monogram theme in all elements of the wedding, from postage to place cards.

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