Menswear Masters: Sock It to Me

Socks: They cover your feet, then go in your shoes, and that's about the highlight of this garment's day. That is unless you're a pair of groom or groomsman's socks. As we scroll through the amazing Real Wedding submissions that come in (keep 'em coming here!), we just can't help but smile when the guys get together to show a sneak peek of their fancy footwear. 

When planning your men's attire, suits, tuxes, and ties may top the list, but we must make a special plea to continue to remember pairs of forget-me-not socks! Here's some inspiration from the fellas...

groom socks

A touch of green for these groomsmen's socks that are all the same. 
Photo by Artist Group Photography and Video.

We're loving this pattern play. Golf anyone? 
Photo by Janelle Elise.

groom socks

A couple can coordinate, too.
Photo by Photographs by Jenna Leigh.

Skip simple and make solids pop in a bold color.
Photo by Electric Lime.

Feeling funny? There's a sock to match.
Photo by Tiffany Bolk.

groom socks

Stripes are always a perfect statement pattern.
Photo by Vick Photography.

Foxy Socks.

Photo by Eileen K.

groom socks

Seriously...we just can't love this any more!
Photo by Reilly Images.