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What is your style of photography?

My style breaks three ways:

One. The world is a beautiful gift, especially in providing a place for a family to begin. This expresses itself in environmental landscape images in which you'll find the couple wrapped in the beauty of the world, like a loving mother embracing her children.

Two. Emotional, intimate (happy, tender, longing, sensual) images of the couple being with each other. The opposite of life is loneliness. So for a person to find another who truly accepts them is exceptional, but for that acceptance to be reciprocated is truly incredible.

Three. Documentary. A bride, in her dress, carrying a huge cake outside... I don't get it. There's no need to make things up, weddings are already beautiful.

What is your philosophy towards weddings?

I have an innate desire to see beauty. I'm addicted to it like the most powerfully addictive drug. I need to see beauty in order to feel alive and not become lost in the boredom of living. It is the driving force of my life. The pinnacle of beauty, and therefore the most valuable thing that exists, is a human person - each human person. So to see one human person give themselves entirely to another is the most beautiful thing that can happen. This is what a wedding is to me, one person giving themselves to another person and the other reciprocating this giving. There's nothing more beautiful. So what better place could a beauty junky go to get his fix than a wedding?

What is your price range of services?

Packages with different lengths of wedding day coverage, an engagement and personal copyright release begin at $3,000, but my heart lies in All Day coverages to allow for a more organic development of the wedding day and to tell the entire story. These begin at $4,500 and include all day coverage, an engagement session and personal copyright release. You could crop the top 1/3 off of Caravaggio's "Calling of Saint Matthew" and still get the just of the painting but what happens in the space surrounding the event brings focus and extra meaning to the painting. The same goes with weddings coverages.

What does this include?

All packages include an engagement session (because they help so much in establishing report), and the fully edited high resolution image files with copyright release.

Do you shoot with an assistant?

No. I used to, but establishing report with my couples is essential to my style of photography and the more people I bring with me the longer it takes to establish this report. I do offer a second photographer as an add-on to all of my packages, but they are not mostly autonomous.

Will you be the one shooting the wedding or do you hire out other photographers as well?

I shoot every wedding that I book.

Do you shoot film and/or digital?


After the wedding, how long until the proofs are ready?

4 weeks.

What are your custom print prices? Are any prints included with the packages?

8x10's start at $35. Pricing goes up from there. Most of my clients purchase rather large (30in x 50in and larger) canvases or wall collages made up of 3-6 complimentary images. Canvases start around $350 and wall collages start around $600.

Special services offered (optional or included):

After Shoots. This is a session that usually takes place the day after the wedding or another day some time after the wedding. This session allows us to really go to places that wedding day timeline or the interest in staying clean doesn't allow. We've gone to the Lutsen Mountain Gondola and ski hill, Temperance River State Park, Tettegouche State Park, Cascade River State Park, Split Rock Lighthouse, downtown Brainerd, Gull Lake water skiing, Pillsbury State Forest, Fritz Loven Park and many other locations of inherent beauty. It allows me to create truly stunning environmental portraits.

Tim Larsen
Tim Larsen

Tim Larsen

 tim larsen
 Tim Larsen