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Describe your approach to wedding ceremonies:

Wedding ceremonies can be as unique as the bride and groom. They do not have to be traditional. The style progressive couples choose for their ceremony can depict their unique personalities and lifestyles. Ceremonies can also be civil or spiritual.

Our ceremonies can be:

Traditional: The traditional wedding usually takes place in a church or temple.

Unique: In a unique wedding the couple prefer to make a statement. They want their wedding to portray the characteristics of their personalities.

Contemporary: Some couples prefer having a wedding that is more personal but not extreme. Weddings in a favorite place add a contemporary flair without shocking your guests. These locations can be in nature or even at a museum.

Passive: Not every bride likes to be the center of attention, even for her own wedding ceremony. Many couples have private ceremonies and celebrate with their friends and family at the reception.

Civil: A civil wedding ceremony generally does not include a spiritual or religious element.

We enjoy creating a ceremony with couples and wedding planners that expresses the commitment of the bride and groom to each other and their partnership in marriage.

Couples receive a copy of 'Your Complete Wedding Ceremony eBook' to help create the wedding ceremony of their dreams.

What type of ceremonies do you specialize in?

Traditional & Non-Traditional

Are you open to having the couple decide their music, readings, and overall structure of the ceremony?


Does the bride and groom need to go through a pre-marriage counseling process/interview with you?

No, but we do recommend the process. The counseling is conducted by an outside associate --- Jennifer Gori.

Is the bride and groom able to do a rehearsal the night before the wedding? If yes, would you be conducting it?


Do you have any restrictions on videographers, photographers, florists, etc?


Is there anything else you would like me to know?

All our couples receive a copy of “'Your Complete Wedding Ceremony eBook” by Jim Albani of Minnesota Officiants.

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