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What entertainment options do you offer?

The Lake String Quartet provides music for all types of weddings,  from the most elegant of formal affairs to a casual lakeside barbecue. For ceremonies, the quartet music can be a highlighted feature. For receptions, the quartet music may be a background element. Our range of musical styles is broad and, includes, in addition to the traditional classical repertoire, Jewish, Scandinavian, Irish and all kinds of popular music, such as rock, country and jazz. We specialize in covers of the most recent popular hits.

How many people do you send out on location? Are they all employed through your company?

The four members of the Lake String Quartet are sent out on location. The quartet is a core group of regular members (see our website for our bios

What type of attire is worn?

We dress in concert black and match our attire to the formality of the occasion, whether casual or elegant.

What are your costs for the services provided?

Costs begin at $620.00  for a one-hour minimum and are increased in half-hour installments. All services are calculated on the basis of time frame. Please contact us for price quotes.

Do you provide a song list to choose from?

Yes, all of our repertoire is listed on the Lake String Quartet website. We feature categorized lists of music, such as Wedding Processionals, Interludes, Recessionals and Reception Music. We are happy to mail copies of our lists in an information packet that includes our demo CD.

Is it possible to see the different styles of interaction you offer?

Our website has links to video and audio recordings of Lake String Quartet performances. The quartet's level of interaction in wedding ceremonies and receptions is carefully designed to meet to the bridal couple's needs. Traditionally ceremony music is a more formal and foregrounded part of the wedding, while reception music is a background element, part of the ambience.

Do your fees include background music during dinner?

We frequently play background music during dinner. All fees are calculated on a clock hour basis.

Will the performer act as "Master of Ceremonies?"

We are happy to assist in facilitating the flow of the day, including making announcements, but our primary focus is to provide music.

Do you have a cordless microphone available for use during speeches?

We do not carry any means of amplification but can direct you to sound system rental companies, if desired.

What is your philosophy towards weddings?

The Lake String Quartet regards every wedding as a unique and important event. We believe music sets the wedding's tone and provides a lasting impression for the guests.  We feel privileged to provide our musical services for such a landmark occasion and treat each wedding with the utmost care and professionalism.

Is there anything else you would like me to know?

We invite you to visit our website, to view and listen to the quartet. We encourage you contact us or 612-481-9204 with any questions or to request our complimentary CD.

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Lake string quartet
Lake string quartet
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