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How would you describe what you do?

La vie Charmé offers an individualized luxury wedding & event planning experience. By limiting the number of clients that we work with per year, we are able to provide our clients a concierge level of wedding planning. We specialize in artful, unique and classically beautiful events for couples that want their wedding to be truly unforgettable. As a team, we have executed well over 500 weddings and events; our expertise is truly unmatched. We take our years of planning experience and transform our client’s vision into an unparalleled experience both during your wedding, and throughout your entire planning experience.

How long have you been in the business?

La vie Charmé was established in 2013, but our owner and team have been in the wedding industry for over 7 years. We found a need within the industry where couples were not only looking for a higher level of luxury but really, more of a concierge-level experience when it came to planning their day. Realizing this need we took every experience we’ve had and learned through our sister company, The Simply Elegant Group, and brought them to the next level at La vie Charmé. All the tools, resources, and trusted reputable vendor relationships crossover from that company as well!

What is your philosophy of a wedding planner and their role in helping couples plan their wedding?

We believe that a wedding planner should be available to our clients throughout the entire planning process! The planner should bring ideas, vendors, and solutions to the table that they wouldn’t even think of. The planner should be one of the most experienced & trusted relationships on your team. Having this knowledge and the wherewithal, allows them to be creative and problem solve throughout the process, making your experience like no other.

Do you offer packages? If so, what are they?

At La vie Charmé, we offer couples a personalized concierge level of wedding planning, down to the very last detail. All our couples are matched with a planner that best fits their wedding planning needs where they then work together to create a vision & a plan to make their wedding day come to life. Once this is created, we can create a custom experience for each couple whether that be a more luxury, concierge level experience with La Vie Charmé or a more simplified experience with our sister company, The Simply Elegant Group.

What is your most popular package? Why?

At LVC, we work with couples that have great style, a grand wedding vision, and typically, have a hectic schedule. To best fit the needs of each unique couple, we feel that giving them that concierge level of planning is most beneficial for their experience.

How do you charge? What are your rates?

All our couples receive a custom proposal. After meeting with them for an initial consultation, and seeing all the facets involved (guest count, budget, travel, etc.) we are then able to provide a proposal that is customized to their needs & expectations.

Are you able to counsel me on wedding etiquette?

Absolutely, this is our specialty! We wrote the book on it- quite literally. Our clients have access to our 150-page online Wedding Workbook that is full of incredible content & tools that can be used throughout the planning process. Our clients are welcome to review it throughout the process as we work on it for them or they are welcome to leave that in our hands entirely. Either way, we want them to know that our approach to planning is methodical, organized and designed to give them peace of mind throughout their entire planning process. By giving them a luxurious and unparalleled planning experience, we guide them throughout the entire wedding planning process, while answering questions to help them create that perfect wedding day.

Do you offer any other special services?

Absolutely! We know firsthand that some of our client’s weddings are not simply limited to one special day. In addition to working hand in hand with our clients to plan their wedding day, our services may also include planning and coordinating their: Destination Wedding, Honeymoon, Cultural Celebration, Bridal Shower, Rehearsal Dinner, Post Wedding Brunch, RSVP Management, Pre-Post Guest Experience and beyond. We work to ensure that each element of your overall wedding planning experience is well coordinated and fully executed to perfection.

Is there anything else you would like me to know?

Together with our sister company, The Simply Elegant Group, we are so pleased to now be able to offer a wide range of different services and resources to our clients. We take pride in helping every couple determine what wedding planning experience they want and then creating a very personalized experience for each individual couple, so that they can look back at their special day and smile.


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