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Describe your jewelry services/store:

At Jewelry by Johan, we work with a variety of materials and metals that other stores just don't offer. We create unique designs in traditional platinum, gold and silver with diamonds and gemstones, but we are well known for using alternative metals including titanium and tungsten along with exotic woods, dinosaur bone, antler, meteorite and other natural and unconventional elements in our designs as well. In addition to the materials found in our workshop, we can custom-create a unique design using a customer's own special element, such as stone, bone or other material.

The majority of our pieces are custom made and we are able to work within our customer's budget parameters without compromising the quality of the design or the personality of the style. We invite you to visit our showroom to see our exclusive designs in person, or to browse our showroom online. Discover the custom-made difference at

What services do you offer?

Jewelry by Johan offers a complete range of in-house services to help with all of your jewelry needs, including:

Custom Design
3-D CAD Design
Ring Sizing
Diamond and Gemstone Setting
Stone Adjustments and Replacement
Refurbishing and Refinishing
Laser Engraving
Soldering/Laser Welding Re-casting
Jewelry Repair
Jewelry Cleaning

What is your philosophy towards working with brides?

Our philosophy is simple - to provide exceptional customer service to brides who desire a look as unique and personal as their love. At Jewelry by Johan, our goal is to create the most personal designs, and provide the highest quality handmade engagement or wedding ring available. Our jewelry consultants make sure all requests are satisfied, and no detail is overlooked. Because we maintain an equally large selection of men's custom wedding bands, this same philosophy applies to the groom as well!

Do you design your own jewelry? If so, can a couple come in and design a ring with you?

At Jewelry by Johan, we understand that an engagement ring and wedding bands are among the most meaningful pieces of jewelry a couple will own and wear. While we carry many ready-to-wear pieces, we pride ourselves in creating unique one-of-a-kind designs that reflect our client's personality, taste and budget. It is, quite honestly, our specialty. We encourage couples to come in, sit with one of our designers and work together to create the perfect rings for their taste and lifestyle. Our consultation rooms are comfortable and private, and couples can draw inspiration from our collections and/or share ideas to create their own personalized design.

Whether you choose an in-stock piece or decide to custom-create, we will fashion the perfect reality from your vision. If you can dream it, we can create it!

How long does it typically take from the time you order a ring or piece of jewelry to the time it is ready to go?

We have select styles that are available immediately. Custom ring orders can be ready for delivery in as little as 4 to 5 weeks after purchase. Rush orders can be requested and we will absolutely do our best to accommodate your schedule. Additionally, we offer ‘stand-in’ service that provides a stock ring as a back-up until your custom order is ready.

Do you do engraving?

We do offer laser engraving service. We have a state-of-the-art laser engraving system and can personalize your ring(s) with any text, symbol or graphic you choose. At Jewelry by Johan, we offer a generous selection of fonts, from traditional to modern that will suit your message. Customers can also request a symbol or provide a drawing, and we will transform it into their very own custom engraving. We recently had a customer who submitted a hand-written message she requested be engraved on her fiancé’s wedding band. The engraving was exceptional and the finished product was a truly amazing one-of-a-kind treasure.