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Catering styles available:

American, Ethnic, Vegetarian Full-service, Family Style, Partial Service, Buffet, Stations

Can your menus be customized to suit the client’s preference?

Definitely! When telling a story through food there is only one way to cook: tailor the menu to fit your taste.

Is taste-testing available?

We host complimentary group tastings and private tastings. Contact us for details!

Do you possess a liquor license?

Luckily we’ve got you covered with a full-liquor license.

Bar options available (cash bar, limited bar, open bar):

All of the above!

Are any complimentary decorative items provided for food tables?

Mirror tiles and votive candles for your centerpiece. A choice of white, black, or ivory linen. Skirting for specialty tables. Select colored napkins available.

Cost per person range:


Do you offer dinner stations?

Yep! We do everything from small plate stations to full buffets.

Do you do dessert buffets?

Yes we do! We have delicious mini desserts for those who like to sample, cupcake buffets and even an ice cream sundae bar!

Is there anything else you would like me to know?

You’ve got a lot to coordinate. Why juggle two or three companies when you could have Envision do it all? We provide full service catering and have excellent partnerships with vendors who we are happy to coordinate with to get you covered!