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Catering styles available:

American, English, Family Style, French, Russian, Full-service, Buffet, Stations

Can your menus be customized to suit the client’s preference?

All our menus are customized to the client’s preferences. Every menu is written just for them

Is taste-testing available?


Do you possess a liquor license?

Yes, we have a full liquor license and all our staff is trained in alcohol awareness

Bar options available:

cash bar, limited bar, open bar, table service, hosted bar.

Are any complimentary decorative items provided for food tables?

We supply candles and staging items, including towers and boxes for buffet tables or food stations

Cost per person range:

Since all our menus are built on our client’s needs, we write the menu to suit their budget. Cost per person $30.00 and up

Do you offer dinner stations?

Yes, we have a wide array, ranging from Mexican street food to Fruit de Mer

Do you do dessert buffets?


Is there anything else you would like me to know?

We base all of our menus on seasonality and local whenever we can. We ensure the client’s needs are met with our menus, each one written just for them. We have on premises event space. One dining room can host a sit-down meal for 72 people and another can seat 40.