Vegan, Paleo and Gluten-Free: How to Accommodate Wedding Guests' Dietary Needs

A simple prompt on your RSVP card shows your friends you care.
From: Fall/Winter 2014 edition

Q. How can I easily accommodate our individual guest’s dietary requests on my wedding day?

“Over the years, we have seen a huge spike in concern for guest’s dietary needs,” says Missy Smith, executive director of Common Roots Catering in Minneapolis. Asking your guests about their needs shows you care about them, and that you’re grateful they’re attending your wedding.

It’s best to collect dietary information during the RSVP stage. If you’re having a plated meal, guests will have to choose their meal in advance; simply add a line on that card that prompts them to list any dietary restrictions. The same goes for a buffet; include the prompt on your RSVP card, then make sure to have the relevant options available for your guests. Then simply pass all that information onto your caterer.

“A good caterer will go the extra mile,” notes Smith.

 “They’ll make sure to confirm the meals when everybody has sat down. The service staff should discretely inquire if anyone has special needs that they were not previously made aware of.”