How to Hire A Wedding Musician

Dos and don'ts in hiring the right musician for your big day
  • Get to know the musicians you plan to hire. If possible, sit down with them in person and go over your vision. Make sure you click on a personal level.
  • Listen to at least three sample songs and get a feel for the group’s sound. If it doesn’t get your toes tapping, look elsewhere.
  • Find an ensemble with a shared history. An act that’s used to jamming together will sound a lot better than a bunch of cobbled-together session musicians.
  • When booking a DJ, choose a company with great customer service and, if possible, an online planning and selection program.
  • If your pocketbook is in pain, look for a band that can scale back to its essential core elements at a reduced rate. Chances are you won’t miss that saxophone anyway.
  • Space is an important consideration when you’re dealing with bands: It doesn’t make much sense to squeeze a 10-piece big band ensemble into a tiny social lounge. Scout your location and ask your band about its needs.
  • Coordinate with the events manager at your ceremony or reception site. They are very experienced at accommodating bands and DJs, and can tell you exactly what equipment they have on hand.