How to Be a Great Wedding Guest

Our foolproof tips for mastering the art of attending a wedding.

The spotlight is on the bride and groom on their wedding day and rightly so; nobody wants to see wild guests crash the party. We've put together some healthy tips to help you properly navigate this wedding season. For anyone new to the wedding scene, or those looking to impress, these tips can come in handy when acknowledging the couple, giving a suitable gift and dressing appropriately.

1. RSVP – When you receive your invitation, make sure you respond as soon as possible and read the fine print. Are kids allowed? Do you get a plus one? Are there any gift requirements or limitations? What is the theme of the wedding? All of these details are important in the planning of the wedding and for your own preparation.

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2. Gifts – Kitchen appliances, linens, registry gift cards and spa packages are always safe bets. If you're thinking outside the box, stay away from gag gifts, even if you're the prankster. Wedding gifts are meant to support and encourage the couple’s new life together, not make fun of it. If you can't come up with a unique gift, get in touch with extended family members for ideas.

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3. Attire – Pay attention to the theme of the wedding and the level of formality. A guest should look put together and clean, you never know if you’ll be photographed (and put into that wedding album forever!). A few no-no’s: Avoid wearing white or red, so not to disrespect the bride, don’t show too much skin and no t-shirts or jeans. Stay away from anything that takes attention away from the bride and groom, they should shine the brightest.

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4. Congratulations – At some point during the reception, or after the ceremony, find a time to briefly speak with the newlyweds and congratulate and thank them for inviting you to their union. It’s a busy day for them, they'll appreciate your hello and gratitude. Just don't linger too long, you're not the only guest in line!

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5. Avoid Over-Indulging – Everyone knows that a wedding is a time to celebrate, but for your own reputation, monitor your intake of libations and don't embarrass the bride and groom’s family with erratic behavior. 

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6. Participate – New couples want happy guests who will join in the festivities! Jump for the bouquet, leap for the garter, dance the night away, gloat about the food and help the new bride and groom celebrate their first night as one by respectively enjoying yourself and the beautiful wedding they've put together.

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