5 Reasons to Book Your Minnesota Wedding in the Off-Season

It's easy to warm up to the idea of an off-season wedding when you consider these benefits.
Photos courtesy of Grand View Lodge

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When planning your wedding, selecting your date is always a big decision. Equally important is the availability of wedding venues and vendors on that date, as well as the challenge of meeting your budget. Although June through October tend to be the most popular wedding months, at Grand View Lodge we're seeing an uptick in requests for November through February.

Why you ask?

1. Keyword: Discounts!

Right from the get-go, do not be afraid to ask about any type of venue rental discounts or special offers. Grand View Lodge offers a generous array of off-season perks including venue rental discounts, in some cases even complimentary venue rental, as well as reduced food and beverage minimums, and a complimentary venue rental for a rehearsal the night prior or gift opening space the following day.

2. Lodging for your Guests

Hand-in-hand with discounted venue fees is the reduced lodging rates or your guests. Typically, lodging rates will dip down during the months of November through March (with the exclusion of holidays.) Grand View Lodge not only reduces their lodging rates, but also during certain times of the year will include their full breakfast buffet. Inventory of certain lodging units may be higher, thus more choices and options may be available.

Along with lower lodging rates comes better selection of room-types. Many times in the summer season, the most demanded room styles and sizes are booked far in advance. In the off season not only are they most likely available, a simple upgrade and you are in the lap of luxury. And, Grand View has the transportation aspect covered. Complimentary shuttle service onsite is a luxury amenity during those colder temperature months.

3. Availability of your guests

Let’s not forget how hectic personal calendars can become during the months of June through October. The craze of summer vacations and school restarting can play against your timing. The off-season months tend to be easier for your guests to attend. Usually, there are less family reunions, graduations and other celebrations that get in the way of committing to your wedding.

4. Vendor support

The old ‘supply and demand’ theory may apply in more ways than one. Often times, your florist, decorator, photographer, DJ’s, musicians and hair & makeup vendors have more open dates available, thus the chances of booking your preferred vendors are much higher; and several may be available much shorter term. Many wedding vendors are booked well over one year in advance for summer weddings. Several vendors may also offer discounts or may offer upgrades at reduced rates.

Grand View Lodge has a wide variety of enhancements with chairs and linens, based on availability, and may be available at reduced rates as well. Vendors may also be able to access the venue spaces early to ensure event set-up is completed well in advance - a win/win for everyone involved!

5. It’s a beautiful time of the year

In Minnesota, we celebrate and embrace our seasons. Each one holds a beauty of its own. Glimmering lights, snow covered evergreens, crackling bonfires and so much more surface during these seasons. There is also a different feel about the air in winter versus the busy season of summer. Cool, crisp air, and not a bug to consider.

And in the glow of winter, there are several very economical and unique winter activities available for guests of all ages. Grand View Lodge offers a wide variety of winter activities to entertain guests: Sleigh rides, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, ice skating, ice fishing, family fun center and more. And again, Grand View has the transportation aspect covered.

Unique and memorable—embrace the off-peak weather elements! At Grand View Lodge, our previous wedding clients have experienced the love of the winter and that blanket of white. The sparkle of new fallen snow and its bright pristine appearance can be stunning in wedding photos. Of course, while a wedding may cost less during off-peak times, consider the venue and practicality of where and when it takes place.

At Grand View Lodge, we believe success is in the details. Creating a memorable special Wedding requires a dedication to getting the details right. It starts with selecting a venue that not only suits your personal needs, but one that will provide a unique, individual experience for every guest. When you are planning a wedding in the off-season—Grand View Lodge will not only keep you from breaking the bank, but will also provide you with a lifetime of memories.