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Liven up Your Reception with This Pop-up Sushi Bar

Gohan Sushi brings a different type of bar to your event.
updated 8/21/19
Sushi Bar for Wedding Receptions in Minnesota

Here’s a fresh idea for reception food that’s both delicious and entertaining: Gohan Sushi’s pop-up hand-roll sushi bar. Thanks to their brand-new cart—designed by local woodworkers WAAM Industries—husband-and-wife team Kou and Christi Kue can roll up to your event and make mouthwatering sushi rolls to order.

Ready to Roll

“All of our sushi is rolled fresh on-site, allowing guests to have an interactive experience with the sushi chef,” Christi says. “Much quicker than a normal maki sushi roll, our hand-rolls usually take under 30 seconds to make.”

Couples can customize their menu by picking from Gohan’s seasonal menu, which mixes traditional Japanese elements with local ingredients. Christi recommends two hand-rolls per person for light appetizers, four per person for a larger meal. A $1,000 minimum is required to book the cart.

Besides being delicious, the hand-rolls are easy to eat and walk around with. (Which is more than we can say about many food trends; try holding a cocktail and eating mac and cheese in four-inch heels. Wait—you probably already have.)

Gohan also offers hand-roll party boxes for smaller parties, as well as private sushi-making classes, which sounds like a very tasty bachelor or bachelorette party idea. Gohan Sushi, Minneapolis,

Ready to RollReady to RollReady to Roll

Sushi Bar for Wedding Receptions in Minnesota

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