A True Treat: Mini Pies on Sticks

Pie-on-a-stick from Cocoa & Fig adds nostalgia and charm to any dessert table.

Minnesotans love food on a stick. Minnesotans also love pie. So for Laurie Pyle, owner and lead pastry chef of Cocoa & Fig, it seemed only natural to combine the two.

“Everyone has a pie story,” says Pyle, “And we do have a tiny obsession with sticks here in Minnesota. So putting little mini pies on sticks just fit perfectly.”

Pyle drew inspiration for her pie-on-a-stick from the cupcake and cake-pop trends dominating wedding dessert tables. Hoping to offer her guests that same convenience with a hint of nostalgia, Pyle created the mini pies, which are quickly  becoming popular as guest favors.

Individually wrapped and tied with a ribbon, the pies can be personalized and formed into the shape of the couple’s home state. While Minnesota and Wisconsin are Cocoa & Fig’s most requested shapes, Pyle and her team can create any design and fill them with a number of flavors. For spring and summer weddings, strawberry rhubarb pie is by far the most requested flavor. For fall weddings, Pyle recommends apple.

If pie isn’t your dessert of choice, Pyle suggests serving classic cake-pops, Rice Krispie treats or even s’mores-on-a-stick as an alternative. The treats are $3–$8 each.

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