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Love Birds: Locally Made Wedding Cake Toppers

The early bird gets the worm, but the lovebird takes the cake.

Becky Kazana, the Minnesota artist behind the niche-hit lovebird cake toppers, began making toppers when she couldn’t find the perfect option for her own wedding cake. But it wasn’t until her friend’s nature-inspired wedding that the idea for the collection fully formed. “Birds are a common symbol of happiness and fidelity, so what could be more perfect for a wedding?” says Kazana.

For today’s modern couples, the traditional bride and groom figurines don’t always fly. Kazana can understand why. “They’re nostalgic and sweetly old-fashioned, but can be a bit cliché. I like to think of my birds as an update on the idea that feels fresh, surprising and totally modern.”

With a myriad of species and styles, there’s a bird for every bride. Flamingos lend themselves perfectly to a beach wedding, while a Minnesota lakeside wedding begs for a pair of loons. Birds can be decorated with feathers, paint and sometimes glitter, and “dressed” in a tulle veil and silk bow tie to represent the bride and groom, naturally.

Couples have been eager to add a touch of whimsy to their big day. Kazana has not only garnered a local following, she’s been flying lovebirds all over the world, including England, Ireland, Australia, Argentina, Norway and even as far as Korea and Japan.

Toppers run $25 to $75. Available via

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