Gluten-Free Wedding Cakes

Where to find a tasty gluten-free cake

Q. Due to my wheat allergy, I can’t have traditional baked goods, but my fiancé and I want to have a wedding cake that both our guests and I can enjoy. Any ideas on where I find a tasty gluten-free cake?

A. Luckily, bakeries are becoming more aware of this dietary demand, and gluten-free goodies are much easier to find than they were even a few years ago. Specializing in gluten-free, nutritious and low-glycemic gourmet fare, Minneapolis-based Madwoman Foods serves up some decadently delicious and seriously beautiful wedding cakes so you and your guests can indulge without any dietary concerns. All cakes are made to order to fit your tastes. Consider delectable ideas such as Death by Chocolate, Lime-in-da-Coconut (coconut cake with lime frosting) and Cherries Jubilee (chocolate cake with chocolate and cherry frosting).
     Since not all of your guests have the same dietary restrictions, it can also be easy to integrate gluten-free options along with a traditional cake. “Sometimes it’s just the bride or groom who are allergic, so in that case we offer an option where only one or two layers of the cake are gluten-free,” notes Madwoman Foods co-owner Brendan Start, adding that gluten-free cakes can be a slightly pricier option. Start also recommends table cakes, with only certain tables offering the specialty cakes to accommodate specific guests.